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Thread: Can I play too?!?

  1. Shawlln
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    Can I play too?!?

    Seeing as how I'm either going to have ALOT of time on my hands here in a few months, or be too busy to think strait! lol I love to read, and I've pretty much read everything in our house, sooooo Can my little bookworm self join in?!
  2. well, Mommy of 7 now! ;)
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    well, Mommy of 7 now! ;)
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    Just jump right in we are reading lovely bones this month.

    Navy Wife and Mom to 7 Lil Monkeys
  3. alijahsmom06
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    Yes come right on in. Awesome.. The more the merryier.. However you spell that. Yes, for the month of Dec we are reading the lovely bones.. Umm, if you wanna get and join right on in that's fine. but you can also go ahead and recommend a book for Jan...Or I think we are already reading Marley and Me.. You might wanna check on that..

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