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Thread: Navy Wife

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    Navy Wife

    I'm reading a book right now called "Navy Wife" by Debbie Macomber. It's a romance novel but I like some brain fluff every now and again. Anyways in the first few pages she thanks about 5 different wives who helped contribute to the book and facts she used about the navy.

    My whole point to this thread is that one of the lines stated by a main character in the book said that "during a 20 year enlistment a navy couple will spend 6 of those years apart".

    Ok navy wives is this true? It just shocked and amazed me. Yet another day where I am humbled by the strength of the military so.
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    So true. but I feel like in a 20 year marriage it will be more than 6 years. We have been married 12 years and it feels like he has been gone at least a total of 5 or more if you add up all his underway sea time.

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