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Thread: Sisterhood of the traveling book!! PART 2

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    Sisterhood of the traveling book!! PART 2

    Okay Ladies i've had a lot of you interested in my neat idea with reading a book then sending it off to the next person in line.

    I have Mommy960003 that has a book she just got done reading if we cant to actually go forward and start this!!

    Maybe one of the site admins can help arrange this!!!

    I know a lot of you girls said you'd be interested!!!

    Maybe we could each take a picture with the book once we get it (if you have a digital cam)

    So if someone who is organized that is interested in helping me arrange this send me a message and we can start taking addresses and what not!!!!
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    I'd be interested in this

    I'll let you know once we get to our new apartment in Colorado (we're in transit )

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