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Thread: Style for New Tattoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EverlastingLove View Post
    None of these will fit on your shoulder in a big enough font to be able to read. You can start on your shoulder, but you'll probably end up going halfway down your side. Which isn't bad, but I'd make sure it's something you're prepared for. I have tiny font on my clavicle and in under three years it's blurred a lot.

    She speaks truth. You could put even the shortest of those on your arm all the way from shoulder to fingertip and still run out of space.

    Would you be willing to use some visual shorthand to simplify the design? A tattoo is a visual medium; you can pack a lot of meaning into a small space (much less room than writing out the whole text takes) if you're able to communicate the idea in an image. You could have "Love is _____"...and you know the rest of the statement by heart without it being written there. Or a sun with "Matthew 5:16" somewhere near it.

    Mine needed shorthand like that; it's a reference to a poem, but the poem is too long to fit!
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    Thank you all for the help!!!! I really appreciate it. I think if I choose a longer verse I will get a cross and the verse abbreviation next to it somewhere.
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    My number one advice I give people thinking about a text tattoo is... don't get a text tattoo. Text is a 2-d medium, your body is a 3-D object. It is very difficult to get a font/placement that makes text flows correctly along your anatomy, and it is pretty much impossible to make a chunk of text actually look good. I say all this as someone who got a text tattoo. I found a font I loved, a short quote that I loved (only 8 words long), got the text tattoo done on my ribs by an excellent artist with proper sizing/etc., and within a year I hated it SO MUCH. It just looked stupid after awhile, it looked imbalanced because I got a big thing of flowers done on the other side of my rib cage, I was sick of people asking me to hold still so they could read it, I was sick of people slowly reading the words out, I was sick of explaining the meaning to everyone who asked, just sick of it. I would suggest taking the text you like to an artist who does the tattoo style you like and asking them to create an image that symbolically conveys the text.
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