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Thread: I want a tattoo! But I could use some advice first.

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    I want a tattoo! But I could use some advice first.

    I actually want to think this through because it'll be my first tattoo. I was wondering if I can get some advise on which areas of the body hurt less. Also was curious as to how much a tattoo tends to cost. I know there are a bunch of different factors that need to be considered for the pricing of a tattoo but i want a general idea and general advise. Most of all I want to be mentally prepared to get one!
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    Generally it tends to hurt people more when its over bone and less fat cushioning, but everyone has different pain tolerances. For example, some people say their ankle hurt the most, while others day the ribcage, while others say the shoulder. My wrist and back ones didnt hurt much, but both are small so it took less time (meaning less time for pain build-up).

    I say who cares about pain- put it where you will like it, forever. Factor in if you want to be able to hide it (future employment may not allow tattoos), or if you want to be able to see it vs other people (if you wanna see it daily, a back tattoo isnt for you).

    As for cost, that typically runs for time of the tattoo/complexity of it, so the longer it takes for the artist to make it, the more expensive it will be. For mine, since they were both tiny, the artist charged for for an hour each time (even though they took TOPS 20 minutes). It was $95 for each one.
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    I have a few tattoos and my first warning is they do tend to be addicting! As for pain, people have different thresholds but anything that is going to go over the bone or thin skin (such as top of foot) will hurt more than other areas. I have two on my hips, not on the hip bone but more inward and I was laughing while getting them. As for price, the two on my hips are nautical stars and cost $80, they are maybe slightly larger than a quarter in size. I have a cancer ribbon on the side of ribs, which also cost $80, and isn't really too big either. To me, it was more expensive than I thought they should be haha but it's what I wanted, so I paid. These were done in NY a few years ago for reference.
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    For me it hurt the most when it was on fatty tissue. It didn't hurt too much on the bone but under my bicep I almost punched the guy also like work vs. Shading can hurt more. Certain colors can hurt more. The light blue on my back hurt a lot more than the other colors. My tattoo artist said that is normal.

    Cost varies. The bigger it is the more it will cost. Some shops do a minimum so even if it's the size of a quarter it could be the same price if it's the size of your palm. I have a half sleeve and it was about $1,000 not including tip.
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    Depends on the person. Vino said her wrist didn't hurt, my wrist hurt a lot more than my shin bone. So it's all dependent on the person's pain threshold. Also as for cost, for a good artist and a good tattoo, with color, it's not going to be cheap. My small wrist tattoo in black ink was nearly 100$. My leg tattoo in full color was 300$, and it was that cheap because I had been to him before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenKat19 View Post
    I actually want to think this through because it'll be my first tattoo. I was wondering if I can get some advise on which areas of the body hurt less. Also was curious as to how much a tattoo tends to cost. I know there are a bunch of different factors that need to be considered for the pricing of a tattoo but i want a general idea and general advise. Most of all I want to be mentally prepared to get one!
    Do you know what you might want to get tattooed on you and where? Got any pictures or examples? If you don't know what you want or aren't 100% sure, don't do it yet. You should take the time to pick something you love and someone who will draw it and tattoo it how you want it. My general personal rule is to wait 6 months before I get something tattooed on me. If I still love the idea after 6 months, I talk to my artist about it. You have to live with it forever, remember that. That is my biggest piece of advice.

    Secondly...Have you done any research into local shops? Go into some, get a feel for them, make sure they're clean/licensed/inspected by the health department, and talk to the artists. Tell them what your idea is and ask what size they'd recommend for different parts of the body. A good artist will tell you their honest opinion and if they think your ideas are crap or if it's not realistic to put the design in a certain area. The more detail you can provide them, the better they understand your ideas. Take photos, drawings, whatever you've got. They'll take your ideas and draw something, that might take a few minutes or a few weeks depending on the level of detail. Be honest and clear with them if you don't like it or want something changed when they show you a sketch.

    Pricing will just depend on your area and what kind of shop you go to. A good tattoo isn't cheap, and a cheap tattoo isn't good. The owner of a shop did my leg pieces for $100/hour (and that was a discounted price because I'd been in before) but my half sleeve is $125/hour. It's going to take at least two more 3 hour sessions for this to be finished, and the price is going to be more than worth it because I'm paying for a clean shop and good work. My leg piece cost me $450 plus tip. So the price really depends on your artists' experience and the quality of their work. You're paying for something you'll have forever. They should have a portfolio that you can flip through to make sure you like their style. Don't even bother going somewhere expecting to pay less than $50; most good shops have a minimum and some take a deposit for larger pieces.

    Third....Honestly if you're trying to pick where will hurt least, I don't think anyone can tell you. Everyone finds the tattoo process feels different. I've got ink on my ribs, spine, neck, etc. I found the ribs to be like a slight tickle whereas the fatty area of my hip hurt like a motherfucker. The line work for my half sleeve took so much time I eventually just went numb and didn't feel it. Someone else might tell you the opposite. If you go into the shop telling them you want a tattoo where it doesn't hurt/will hurt the least, they will probably try and talk you out of it. As far as mental preparation goes, if you want it bad enough and love the idea enough to have on your body for the rest of your life, then sitting there for however long it takes shouldn't be *that* bad. People ask me all the time if my half sleeve or my leg piece hurt. Well, it's a teeny needle puncturing your skin over and over, sometimes for multiple hours at a time...what do you think?
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    Agree with all the PPs. Both pain tolerance and location will vary from person to person. And cost varies as well.

    I have 5: lower back, one on each shoulder, right hip, and wrist. My lower back hurt the most but NOT over the bone - it hurt the more into fatty tissue it went. Shoulders were mildly painful but not bad at all. Wrist was next to nothing for me. I think my hip one hurt the second worst, but it wasn't anywhere close in pain to my lower back.

    My tattoos are all fairly simple, small/med sized, and only 2 have some color other than black. I think the cheapest was $100 and most expensive was probably around $300.

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    I had the top of my foot done about 9 weeks ago , and oh my goodness that hurt more than anything I have ever experienced, it took 4 hours,,,I am happy with it and I had anticipated the pain but wowww
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    I have 12 tattoos and no one can tell you which spots hurt the most, because it is all different.

    Everyone I know said that foot tattoos hurt the most. I've had both feet done, one twice, and it hardly hurt. But, the back of my neck was horrible.

    Also, like other posters have said, the costs vary too. I think the least I've paid was $50 (minus tip) for one of my wrist tattoos. But, most of my work has been done at shops that have a $100 per hour charge. I did get a discount on my half sleeve, since I had used the artist so much.
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    I only have one so I really dont have anything to compare it to, but its on my left shoulder blade area. It didnt hurt bad at all.


    It was $60 but this was also 8 years ago haha so Im not sure what it would cost now.
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