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Thread: I want a tattoo! But I could use some advice first.

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    My biggest advice is to make sure it's something you REALLY want! I got one when I was 18 or 19 just for the sake of getting one. My three best friends and I all did it together, and none of us are big fans of them today! I have since gotten that one covered up. One of my friends also has a Miley Cyrus lyric tattooed on her ribcage. I doubt she'll love that when she's 50.

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    I have 24 and plans for many more. The cost has ranged quite a bit from $80 to $500+. I got my calf piece and quarter sleeve done the same day and I paid the artist $1100, tip included. Shops in my area average $100 per hour of work.

    Call around, research shops and decide what style you like and go from there. If you want a specific style then perhaps look for an artist who specializes in that style. I wanted an artist who specializes in realism for my quarter sleeve and calf piece, and ended up driving 2.5 hours to get the work done.

    I actually like the getting tattoos, and while it doesn't tickle, it's the kind of "hurt" I like. My foot (top) tattoos hurt the worse, but another artist said it may have been how he did it (too deep, etc).
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    I got my first tattoo last a year and a half ago. Did a lot of research into different artists and styles. I wanted someone who had good crisp lines and specialized in the type of tattoo I wanted. Mine also required him to design it. It's my only tattoo but only cause I put a TON of thought into what I want before getting one. I probably won't get one for several more years cause I am still trying to figure out what I'd want

    It ended up being bigger than I initially planned because I learned in the process if you try to put too much into a tattoo, over time it will end up as a blob. All in all, my tattoo took a total of 3 hours and cost $500 including tip, it covers my right shoulder down to my bra strap, but I love it

    Once my endorphins kicked in, it didn't hurt. I just laid on the table and breathed. My hubby even thought I fell asleep a couple of times. I wouldn't recommend breaks cause once I took a break to use the bathroom, it hurt to restart... But I finished it.
    My husband had a more standard tattoo of his family crest and went to a tattoo artist up the road who was available. His has a section that isn't filled in well and a thickened part of the line. So for me, finding the right tattoo artist is HUGE.
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    Everyone's advice has been really helpful. I'm going to visit two shops that come highly recommended by people in my area. They are a bit of a drive but I do want to talk with the artist of each shop and look through their portfolios. As for what hurts the most I've kind of decided on two areas where I would like the tattoo. I'm going to ask for opinions from the artists and then make a final decision on where I want it regardless of the pain XD Also going to ask what they charge for what I want. Because I know what I want to get but I still want them to make a sketch for me just to make sure they know exactly what I want though I do have a picture. Also I'm probably not going to get it until after the summer ends because I know it can't be exposed to a lot of sunlight or chlorine. If there's anything I'm forgetting to ask the artists please someone tell me now!!
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