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Thread: Belly button pierced!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yabos View Post
    All cartilage? In your bellybutton?

    I was told to use scent-free antibacterial soap with a q-tip. If it was sore they said to get a shot glass and hold warm water up to it. I've had mine for 6 years or so.
    Oh I do believe they told me this as well! So if it gets sore, try it. Its just water so it won't hurt anything.

    Also, for what type of unscented soap she recommended Johnson&Johnson but we bought the unscented soap they had there to clean piercings with. It was the same soap my sister used for her nose stud. When I got my ears done (not the regular ones, I had those done as a kid. It was a side one and a cartliage one) I used this cleaning solution they give you at Claire's. But I wouldn't have used that on my belly button.
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    I've always been told to use antibacterial soap on my piercings (gold dial) and not touch it except moving it around gently when cleaning it. I did just that for my belly button, hood piercing, and nose and had no issues. They always said the H20 stuff they sold was good too but not necessary. I've also always heard not to use bactine but it's not the first time I've heard of someone being told to use it.
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    Lol this is entertaining, and not shocking. Switched to salt water inverted on it and still doing the bactine, thought about getting the H2ocean but figured I'd save my money for now.
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    Sea salt and antibacterial soap!! NO BACTINE. (: I have mine pierced twice haha.
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