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Thread: Foot tattoos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divergent♥ View Post
    I figured it wouldn't, but I wanted you to know that it was the worst tattoo pain for everyone.
    It doesn't help that I'd ok with it being the only that got done. And if I could handle the pain have an idea to go on the other foot
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    I have both of my feet, both sides of my legs above the ankle, both shoulders, my lower back & my wrist. I didn't think my feet were that bad. For me, going over my spine was the worst.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbynormal View Post
    DH has a lot of tattoos. He got the top of his feet done a few years ago and he said out calf, all over his arms, and back, his feet were by far the worst.
    exactly this. I have a bunch, sleeves on both arms, my chest, calf, thighs but my foot was the worst of all. It is up to how big you want it, I have the whole front of the foot and the ankle. It was swollen like hell. I could wear no shoes, even flip flops gave me a hard time. Let me put it that way, I started summer 2014 and it is still not done it still missing the flowers..
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