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Thread: Where are your tattoos?

  1. I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.
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    I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.
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    Where are your tattoos?

    I'm thinking about getting a sweet tat but idk where to getttt it if I got another one!

    I have one on my wrist and one on my foot. It would be small so I was thinking back of my neck or shoulder?

    Where are yours? Do you regret your placement?

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    I only have one, and it's on my ribs, below my boob. I looveee it. If I got another one I would get it opposite side, on my hip/side sort of at the bottom of my ribs going to my butt.
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    Both of mine are on my hip.

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    I have a lot. Their locations are one on each foot, left ankle, right calf, right hip, lower back, neck, each wrist, behind left ear, quarter sleeve on right upper arm, and below the left side of my collar bone.

    I stress placement for each tattoo. I love where each and every one of mine are. I have plans for another one and can't think of the perfect spot for it yet.
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    Left bicep and back of my at the base of it. the opposite of my nape? I need sleep.

    I regret the bicep ONLY because I regret how poorly I took care of the tattoo. I got it on my 16th birthday and just treated it like any other patch of skin. Sun damage, no touch ups, you name it. I'd like to cover it with a quarter sleeve, but I need to find an artist I love and come up with a design. I just wish my neglect wasn't so damn visible
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    I have hip tattoos and a prison looking tattoo on my ankle...yea that was a good idea
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    I have foot, hip and shoulder. I love them all. They're all small, and most people don't know I have them unless I point them out (even though sometimes they're in plain view). I don't regret them (currently) and I got them all in 2007/2008.

    I have plans for wrist and ribs.

    I think a lot of the placement had to do with what I was getting, and also the placement added meaning to the tattoo for me, which I thinks helps in not regretting where they are.
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    Invisible ones I am so weird abut symmetry that I can't even imagine getting one, I don't even have my ears pierced I'm so weird.
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    On my right shoulder blade.
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    I have both shoulders, both arms, shoulder blade, chest, right lower leg, left above the ankle, and both feet. The only one I regret the placement is the one on my shoulder blade. Why? Because I can't see it.
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