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Thread: Nose piercing?

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    I currently have my septum pierced because I've always wanted it done and it's very easy to hide, I plan on getting my nostril pierced on my birthday. Anyway, my piercer did my septum with a 16gauge which is thicker so it doesn't look too tiny on my face, typically nostril piercings are done with an 18 because most jewelry is 18gauge. You could probably ask if they could do it as a 20, if not you can always downsize when it has had some time to heal.
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    I dont know what size i have. i actually have 2 holes in my nose. i got them done at different places so i think one is a different size. neither of the hurt bad. it was quick pain and then it was gone. Even after a year of having my first one done it still hurt to change it so i leave mine be if i can
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    I've had mine since I was like 16 and I have no idea what gauge it is. It didn't hurt too much, just some pressure and then my eye watered on the side I got pierced. I changed it after like 8 weeks I think. I also hate the screw nose studs, they piss me off and hurt a lot to get in and out. I use the one with the ball on the end. I don't change it too often because it does still hurt some after I change it.

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    I have mine pierced. I use the L shaped one. I think it's 18g. It hurt to change it the first time. I want to get it re pierced lower so I can wear a hoop.
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    I've had mine pierced three times. It hurt more the last time I think because I had scar tissue, but I would say it honestly doesn't hurt that bad at all. It's definitely sore and sensitive for a couple weeks after, though. I'm pretty sure mine is 18g. I changed mine out after about 6 months with no problem! I love my nose piercing!
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