Soooo since I went on hiatus, I didn't post about my first tattoo!!! I got it at the beginning of november and I've been wanting it for almost four years.

I have it on my upper left thigh on the side.

It hurt closer towards my butt... but I got through it! I need to get it touched up a little but I already have ideas for more! Unfortunately, my parents weren't super supportive. But they just kinda went "There's nothing I can do about it now."

The other one I'm thinking of getting is a lily on my other side (on the upper thigh too) and I want butterflies going up and around my side representing the people I know who have passed away. Ugh. It would be sooo pretty. But I'm going to wait a bit for that one. The one I just got, part of the meaning of the tattoo was the timing.

I'm so happy with it! I might add a couple things to it later to give it some more flair. But I'm not sure what yet.