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Thread: My first tattoo consult

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    My first tattoo consult

    So I've been wanting a tattoo to memorialize my father and my heritage for a loooonnnggggg time & I finally just got around to my first consult after researching different artists in the area. I've wanted someone who could do a good Chinese dragon and is familiar with that style versus the Japanese style.

    Anyhow, had my first consult today. The tattoo won't actually happen till January cause he is booked up till then but it is going to be a Chinese Dragon & a tiger on the other side, then in the center is going to be a pearl of wisdom with my family's Chinese symbol in the center. The dragon would symbolize my Dad cause that was his Chinese symbol and the Tiger would symbolize my Aunt since that was hers.

    Can't wait.... I've put a lot of thought into this cause I don't want a lot of tattoos & I wanted to pick something that I would always love. It's going to be on my shoulder and take up one quarter of my back
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    That's awesome!! Can't wait to see pictures

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    Can't wait to see it!
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    Sounds really cool!

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