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Thread: If you had to

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    If you had to

    Get a tattoo right now, right this very second, what would it be and where?

    I'd get "stay pretty" written on my left ribs. It's what my grandma used to say to me as a goodbye. "Stay pretty, inside and out." we were really close before she died.
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    I literally just got my first one a couple hours ago! My sister and I got our dog's paw print He is on his last little stretch and we have had him for 13 years...he is our baby!
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    The symbol of the deathly hallows, and I would get it on my ribcage on my side.
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    It could be worse.
    A design my daughter made for me a couple of years ago, on the inside of my right arm. I've had the original sketch on my nightstand since she drew it and a I carry a photocopy in my purse.
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    I would finish my half sleeve with a compass, anchor, crown, and a couple other things.

    Or I would get Carry On on the outside of my forearm or hand. It's always been my thing to say. When fun. came out with it on their album, it is the song that got my through my surgery recoveries.
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    If I ever had the guts to get a tattoo, I would get an atom on the inside of my ankle I've said that since high school. Probably will never get it because needles are so not my cup of tea but being the science nerd that I am, it's so completely fitting.
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    Lillies of the Valley for my aunt's memorial (her birth flower) in an Art Noveau style around my So it Goes that I already have on my bicep.
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    "Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

    Left lower arm, above my new key tattoo...

    or this:

    I'm not Lynn, but we ARE MSOS Best Friends and MSOS Twins.
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    the one ive been wanting for almost a year now. it matches the one DH has sort of. "love you more" in his handwriting but id incorporate it into an infinity symbol. on my wrist
    we kicked deployment #2's butt!

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    I would get one of the scripts from my favorite book growing up on my collar bone probably.
    Either "the wind blows backwards" or "you're just talking silly talk" or "rain makes applesauce" I can't choose.
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