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Thread: Tattoos... to Ink or not to Ink

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    Tattoos... to Ink or not to Ink

    I have been looking at tattoos for a long time... A lot of my family members have them, some for better reasons than others. I want one and I have a general idea of where I want it. I just have never gotten one, so I was just wondering what kind of tattoos you guys have and reasons behind them. Areas that aren't worth the pain?

    DH doesn't have any tattoos and he said he would considered getting one after his first deployment. I want one soon than later, but I can't really get a feel of how he feels about me having one. He always says it is your body, do what you want... but that makes me feel like he is saying I don't really like them, but I am not going to tell you not to get one. Have any of you had situations with SOs and their attitudes toward tattoos?
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    I have 10 tattoos and they all were worth it. I can look at some and tell you how I was feeling in that moment and the memories behind it. Others, I got because they were pretty and I needed them on me.

    Everyone will probably tell you that the ribs and top of the feet hurt -- and they do. They hurt like a bitch. However, any good artist will let you stop and take a break if you need one. When I got my side piece done, my artist kept asking me every 10 - 20 mins if I was ok if I need a break, etc. He did the same thing with my ankle tattoo even though it took maybe 20-30 mins. He kept asking if I was ok/needed to stop.

    DH has 1 tattoo and everytime I tell him I have ideas for more, he just rolls his eyes and laughs. He is perfectly fine with me having all the tattoos and getting more. He knows that my tattoos make me feel special/sexy.
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    I'm big into tattoos so I believe every area is worth the pain though from my experience my feet hurt the worse (more than my ribcage).

    I have a Chinese symbol on my back left shoulder for the word ambition. I'm a very ambitious person. I never liked Chinese symbol tattoos, but all my siblings first tattoos were a Chinese symbol of different words in that spot so I got to finish the tradition which as awesome.

    I have an outline of the world on my feet. I plan on putting dots everywhere I live or maybe where I travel to too I haven't decided.

    And finally I have a quote on my side that is "it doesn't matter if you're the lion or the gazelle when the sun comes up you better be running" which is my favorite quote and means a lot to me.

    I plan on getting MANY more. DF has 5 tattoos right now and he's itching for one (and many more) as well. Sucks the Corps is so strict on them or he'd probably have at least half sleeves by now. I'm an aspiring teacher so I'm very careful about placement and 'other meanings' (you'd be surprised what people can think something means) but other than that my body is free game to lots of ink in the future..when I have the funding.

    My next tattoo will be a little girl blowing bubbles. The bubbles are gonna turn into leopard spots and the leopard spots into a leopard. I've wanted it for years now and I'm really exccited to be getting it this Summer.

    I think you should do what you want and at least get one. Careful because they're addictive..once you get one you want them all, but it's easy to resist if you just tell yourself you're too broke Okay sorry for rambling! I just love tattoos!!

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    My DB is covered in tattoos. No sleeves, but over 20 something. he wants more and though he likes me having virgin skin, he has always expressed interest in getting something matching or having his name on me in the future after marriage. Perhaps toss around that idea to your SO and see how he responds.

    If you have always been interested, I would just say make sure it counts. Tattoos with meaning are very different than ones you get on dares haha. DBs tattoo of the playboy bunny was a dare and he doesn't like it, but his tattoo of the lucky charms leprechaun killing the trix rabbit for stealing his lucky charms is supposed to be funny/represent his Irish heritage. but it has meaning haha.
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    I have two tattoos, but have gotten three. The third was a cover up of my first tattoo. Even though I covered up my first tattoo I don't regret it.
    I do think tattoos should have meaning. IMO it's damn stupid to tattoo something on your body that means nothing.

    DH has no tattoos, no plans of getting any, and doesn't like that I have tattoos But, I don't care. It's my body, and I plan on getting more of them. I have one on my leg and one on my wrist. The one on my wrist hurt more, but the one on my leg is bigger and took longer. The only part that really hurt was my shin, that HURT. Really, anything over a bone with little fat is a bitch, like your feet.

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    I currently have two tattoos and want more.
    1) a dove on my hip. It really, really means a lot to me...peace, hope, faith. I knew I wanted it for about 6 years before I actually got it done.
    2) an infinity sign on my ring finger. DH has a matching one. It was a very spur of the moment thing. It's well hidden by my wedding rings. Infinity signs have a special place in my mom and I always told each other "I love you to infinity and back" while I was growing up and when DH was deployed we'd make the symbols for a heart and infinity sign with our hands when we finished our skype calls.

    To be real, they both hurt like a bitch, even with how small the infinity sign is. I don't enjoy pain and I also don't have a high pain tolerance, but I can't think it'd ever be fun to have a bunch of little needles being continuously jammed in to your skin.

    "The purpose of life is not to simply be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I have a tattoo on the back of my neck. It doesnt have much meaning other than they are all something I really like. I want another one that has a lot of meaning to me, but I'm very wishy washy as to I really do want it or not.

    My DH has a tattoo and doesnt mind mine or me getting another one. My brother hates tattoos and he doesn't like everytime my sil gets a new one. Im pretty sure she's done with them now. He says flat out je doesn't like them though.
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    IMO if you want a tattoo, that is reason enough to get one. I have a tattoo on my hip that I got simply because I wanted a star on my hip (I know, super original but idgaf ) and I was gifting a tattoo to my mom for her birthday so I figured I'd get one while I was there. I mean it was a mother daughter thing, but other that that it has no significant meaning... the guy tattoo'd "mom" in the outline before he filled it in though
    Right now I'm in the middle of an ornately framed toddler snow white with a cardinal on her shoulder that takes up most of the outside of my right thigh. The pain sucks, I'm not exactly looking super forward to getting it colored on Monday, but the meaning behind it makes it worth it for me. It will start traveling up my hip as I have more kids and add dwarfs to it to reflect their personalities. The Snow white is my daughter, and the Cardinal is my grandmother. Her spirit is supposed to be there when we see a Cardinal. She died when I was 6 months pregnant and Madison was going to be the first girl in the family in 16 years so she was so looking forward to me having her. One of the hardest parts about losing her was knowing Madison would never meet her So this tattoo is sort of my way of them being together.
    Small tattoos I'm not ashamed to say I'd get just for the aesthetics. Big tattoos... yeah them bitches hurt too much to NOT have meaning for me

    be cool.
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    I have four but all of mine are in places that can be easily hidden in the workplace (at least for now) I plan on getting a half sleeve after baby is born. I love my tattoos but I'm glad that I chose to get them in easily hide able places first though because that's what worked for me. It's all about what you want, where you want it, and what it means to you. Each of my tattoos also has meaning especially the ones on my ribs and I seriously can't wait to get more!!
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    My husband has tatoos on his arms and we're designing his next few, which he'll get in a few years from now. I don't have any, but I'm also seriously considering getting one either on inside forearm or left shoulder blade. he seems okay with the idea, but wants to make sure I keep it feminine.
    Maybe if you show him your design and let him help you decide where on your body to get it, it can be a thing you two were both involved in together.
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