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Thread: helix piercing being stupid

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    helix piercing being stupid

    grrr so last July i got my helix pierced for the second time, so like i have one right below the other, this new one is still being stupid and pussing and getting crusties and shit...does anyone know how to make it stop???? i mean come on its been almost a year, i dont remember my first one doing this this much
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    What kind of jewelery do you have in it? Maybe you're reacting to the metal. I've always just used antibacterial soap and saltwater for my piercings, and that seems to be the way to go for most people. Hopefully that helps :/
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    Have you tried tea tree oil? It really helps cartilage heal. I've had 4 holes in ear cartilage and they all took over a year to heal. Sometimes it just takes a while.
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