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Thread: Matching Tattoos?

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    Question Matching Tattoos?

    Would you ever do them?

    Wether it be with your SO, family members, friends.... would you?

    What would you get?

    I'm thinking about doing matching or coorresponding tattoos with my mom. She and I already have similar tattos of the cresent moon. Her's has a star where the moon tips connect, I have a gemini sign inside where the moon tips connect. We really love the celestial designs so I was thinking of that but I want it to be more personal with a mother/daughter twist some how. I've been looking online but can't really find anything that helps spark the ideas.

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    Me and my best friend have matching tattoos that we got together. We love them! They are 3 stars in the colors of red, white and blue.
    DH and I are going to get matching tattoos ...NO NAMES! I will have none of that. Just something simple and symbolic!

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    My sister and i plan on getting matching tattoos on our wrist. of interlocking hearts of some kind. We want them so no matter where we travel or how far apart we are we know we have each other. Just can't decide on a design, it might be to corresponding ones.

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    A friend and I got matching ones a long time ago, I never really associate it with her though. It's a Celtic symbol.
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    I've thought about getting matching tattoos with my brothers, but I don't think I would ever do it with a friend or SO.
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    Family as in siblings, parents, grandparents.. yes, I'd do it if I really wanted to (and I don't). But romantic relationships and friendships? No, never. My ex-best friend and I wanted matching tattoos, and we were minutes away from getting them. I'm so glad we never went through with it.
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    DH and I got zombie penguin tattoos in Sept for our 4 year wedding anniversary. I would get matching ones with my siblings too if they wanted.

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    DH and I have plans for one soon He doubts this awesome tattoo the guy has Mickey and the girl has Minnie and put next to each other they're kissing Plus it'll look cute even without the other one next to it.

    I would also get a matching with my mom, grandma, aunt or sisters.
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    It could be worse.
    I'm not completely opposed to them for myself. For me it would have to be something that had meaning for both of us, I wouldn't want anyone to get something just to be "getting a tattoo with Lynn " KWIM? For me, that have to have meaning and I'm not sure a tattoo on myself would have meaning if I knew the corresponding tattoo with who I got it with was just a whatever kind of thing.

    For others? Doesn't bother me. It's their body.
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