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Thread: For Ink Lovers

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    For Ink Lovers

    What's your next tattoo? Or if you're like me and don't have one yet, what do you want?

    I'm thinking about something like this:

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    Come along with me, misery loves company.
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    I have dhs name on my ring finger and I'm going to get a band for it. Not sure about the design yet.
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    I want to get one on my foot, I have a plan for it too, but DH hates tattoos and hardly likes my second one. I think if I got another he might flip shit

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    I'm thinking the serenity prayer on my back somewhere.

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    I have three I will be getting soon. A koi, a seahorse,and lotus sleeve
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    Changing her dress to black with a red belt and her hair will also be black

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    I love this, but I don't think I'd, ever, get it.

    I don't have any solid plans, right now. I really want to figure out something for my chest.

    ETA: I, also, want a flower... somewhere. I'm in love with ghost orchids, but I don't know how they'd look as a tattoo. I'm so indecisive, right now.
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    I want to get my son's name on my shoulder. I say that will be my last one but who knows lol.
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    I'm just gonna say, the foot was my first tattoo, its all around my ankle, and my foot, it was SOOO painful. Like I almost kicked my tattoo artist in the face because my leg and foot kept jerking. She had tattoo's all over her body, neck, face and she said she is too afraid to get the foot/ankle!
    I dont know how I survived it. Good luck if you go for it! I wish I haden't gotten my first tattoo there because now I'm so scared to get another one somewhere else.
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    Moved to Body Mod...

    I'm in the process of getting a half sleeve completed.
    I'm not Lynn, but we ARE MSOS Best Friends and MSOS Twins.
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