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Thread: My next tattoo

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    Big Grin My next tattoo

    I finally figured out what I want! Well, the next two. I have a really ugly scorpion on my leg that I'd like to cover up. I'm thinking with lilies, which is the first flower DH ever gave me, but then I worry I'll regret getting something that had to do with someone else.

    Anyways, the other one I want is a foot tattoo, and I finally found what I want! I have the latin phrase Fortissima on my wrist, so I'm getting this on my foot:

    "Humanum fuit errare, diabolicum est per animositatem in errore manere." : To err is human, to persist in error out of pride in diabolical. I'm going to get in the same fancy script I have on my wrist... Now I just have to save for it

    here's the one on my wrist, this was right after I got it done.

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    The point of no return. Is that a duty station?
    Love foot tattoos. Mine hurt like a bitch. I love your new idea. I have a handful of projects. A thigh and back piece, lower arm sleeve and adding to my tree of life tattoo. And some other smaller pieces here and there.
    Pax, Aeon
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    I'm afraid I hear foot tattoos hurt but I like the look of them so much! And of course... I had to pick a particularly long phrase.

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    I want a foot tattoo as well! The only thing I'm going to advice you on, if you want the foot tattoo to be in the same font as your wrist tattoo, is to look at how it will line up when stacked on top of each other. That's the only problem I have with script is when it overlaps and looks funky O.o

    I have a bunch of tattoo ideas as well :|
    And no money to get them
    Which is fine since I have to be moved out of my parent's house before I can

    I want a half sleeve of a weeping willow tree and I want one of its branches to extend to my back and make the outline of a dreamcatcher. I want the dangly strings of the dream catcher to say never be afraid to dream (one word to a string).
    I also want ["be free," said the wind] somewhere one me, but I don't know where or how.
    And I would love the symbol for air in either the japanese or chinese element sign on my foot
    And I want something small on the inside of my forearm
    And I want something on my finger
    :3 hahaha gosh I need to calm down.
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    Sounds like a great tattoo!

    I love foot tattoos! I have a foot tattoo that covers most of my foot, plus I added on to it. While it hurt, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as my ankle did.

    I have plans for my second wrist tattoo, adding on to the tattoo on my right arm, a side piece, and something for the back of my neck. Lots of saving to do!
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    I have millions of tattoo desires, but just not enough money for it.
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    Congrats on the new tat! I love the pain you are getting it done!

    Canada will always be home
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    Cute!!! The tattoo on the top of my foot didn't hurt. But the one on the side hurt like a bitch.

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    Love your idea!
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    That sounds awesome My friend got a tattoo on her foot and I went with her. She didn't even flinch so either it didn't hurt or she's a robot.
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