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Thread: which TAT of yours hurt the worst?

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    Neener which TAT of yours hurt the worst?

    so i'm still undecided about dying the tips of my hair blue/purple... but today i did get my 3rd tattoo. DH got his first lol .

    here is mine ... shading in the wings about killed me . lol but TOTALLY worth it.

    which tattoo of yours hurt the worst ? what part of it ?

    p.s. ignore my bra strap lol ...
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    do the blue! I just dyed mine purple I honestly don't have tattoos, but I honestly cannot wait to get them. I love yours!
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    I only have one tattoo for a reason lol.

    My tattoo is in that nook behind my ankle bone on the inside of my foot and goes back to my heel. Yeah, no one ever mentions that the section over your Achilles heel is super sensitive. I was fine with the other parts but going over that tendon almost made me pass out.

    ETA: Thinking back on getting the tattoo, I don't know if it actually hurt more but while that section was being done I got really lightheaded.
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    I only have two small ones, one on my hip & one right on my ankle bone, but neither of them hurt... I love needles

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    The tips of my feet were the worst...

    Nice new ink!
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    Nice tattoo!
    I have two: right shoulder and right ankle. The one on my ankle, near the joint, bothered me a little bit, but otherwise neither one hurt.

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    I had my feet done in the same sitting. The outline was the worst pain i've ever experienced in my life (so far). I almost threw up a few times because of the pain.
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    My ribs hurt the worst. It sucked. I mean it wasn't AWFUL, but no fun.

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    My lower back on the spine during the fill/shade...hurt like hell but only cuz it was vibrating the metal in my ankle. was sitiing in an awkward position too.
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    My ribs definitely hurt the worst.

    After that....maybe my lower back. The part that hurt on that one though was actually when he got towards my love handles (it stretches from on side to the other).

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