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Thread: Questions for those of you with navel piercings

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    Questions for those of you with navel piercings

    How long until you felt comfortable with it? Have you ever gotten anything caught on the jewelry?

    I got my nipples pierced two months ago and I've wanted my navel pierced since, but I'm still afraid of my nipple piercings and I have to sleep in a bra etc, showers take a million years because I'm overly cautious with my loofah and I don't really want to bother with another thing I'm gonna have to be super careful with. They're not that bad, right?

    FTR I've had other piercings before and never had a problem (tongue and nose) but my nipple piercings are kind of turning me off piercing in general.
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    i cant remember exactly cause its been so long but i know i couldnt sleep on my stomach for a couple weeks. which sucks cause im a stomach sleeper. and you just gotta be careful for like the first month cause if you hit it on something or get it caught it hurts. after a month i was fine though. but DO NOT make the stupid mistake i did and change the ring too soon. after it stopped hurting, i decided to change my ring. only a month or so after and that was so stupid. it got infected and it wasnt fun. i was able to keep it, but still dont do it. i have a scar now from it
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    I got mine pierced many, many years ago. From what I remember I was sensitive for about a week or so and after that I was fine. It wasn't all the way healed but it didn't hurt to sit down or stand up anymore. I was told that it takes about 6 months or so to completely heal and that I shouldn't go into any pools or hot tubs until it was healed. I haven't got my piercing caught on anything but then I also have never put a ring in my navel. I prefer barbells for this reason. (btw, I got it pierced with a barbell & not a ring)
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    I've had mine for 4 years and I forget about it all the time I think it took about a year or so to really get used to it. I would recommend keeping a ring in the piercing until you get comfortable with it and then switch to a barbel. I've gotten stuff caught on it and it HURTS.

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    Mine felt fine immediately. I snagged my ring on the computer a couple weeks ago (it's a bigger one since it's a maternity ring) and I took it out for a couple of days because it was tender, but that was the first time I'd ever had to do that in the 4 years I've had it.

    I love my belly piercing.

    ETA: Well, technically my belly ring is a barbell, but you catch my drift.
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    I loooove my naval piercing! Whenever I look at my stomach with my piercing out I wonder how on earth I ever lived without it.

    I got it done in March 2010 and by October 2010 I was comfortable enough to take it out and put in a different style. I probably could have taken it out by the end of the summer, but I had no idea how to get it off me! Also it had stopped hurting by that point but I was still kind of freaked out by it. Getting it done didn't hurt that bad, I was a little sore for the rest of the day- almost like I had a mild stomachache. It never really hurt to touch it, and actually part of the cleaning process was to move it up and down to get the soap in there and keep the hole loose. Sometimes my DF would hit it on accident if he was rubbing my stomach and that would hurt, but not excruciating pain or anything.

    Sometimes I get the holes in the loofah caught on my ring and it pulls, but it doesn't hurt, it just kind of tugs. It's never gotten caught on a shirt or sheets. I wear all different kinds too; dangles, studs, decorative things, etc. I was overly cautious with it while it was still healing so I never got it caught in the loofah until I felt carefree about it.

    Depending on which style I have in, sometimes if I'm sitting and hunched over it will get sore, but then I just move it around a bit and it's not a problem.
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    IMO naval is soooo much easier to deal with than nipple piercings. The sensitivity isn't as extreme and the healing seemed quicker from what I can remember.

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    I think if you have your nipples pierced you could have anything pierced! I can't imagine doing that.

    I love my belly ring. I've never gotten it caught. I can't wear earings, becasue my ears always get infected when I do. So it's a way to have a piercing. Plus I think it just pulls me together. I guess that sounds sill.

    Dangles break easily and will get caught, but for me have never ripped or pulled.

    Mine healed really quickly too! Didn't hurt too bad either, and I don't take pain well at all.

    For the record, at one of my sister's softball games, the catcher somehow managed to rip hers out playing her position... with her protector on.
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    I loved my navel piercing! It took me about 6 months to be completely comfy with it
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    I got mine done a long time ago and it didn't take me long to get use to it.
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