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Thread: Help me decide

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    Neener Help me decide

    I'm bored and decided I want to get a piercing. So what should I get pierced? I can't have any facial piercings because of work. I thought about getting my industrial done. Does anyone have any experience with that?
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    My sister has her industrial, she's taking it out soon though. She says its a huge pain in the butt and gets caught in her hair all the time, not to mention it's a big piercing and the bar makes the individual holes hard to heal without scarring.
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    Smile Experience

    I have had everything pierced... yes even there!... Don't do the industrial, it's not worth it and it's easily agitated. One of my personal favorites was the belly button. It heals easily and it doesn't get stuck on things. But, it also can be percieved as trashy. Another good one are nipples.. kind of kinki but they are easily hidden by a bra and they heal very fast.

    NO surface piercings. Your body will naturally reject them and they get stuck on anything and everything. Especially dermal anchors, they are considered permanent for a reason, and I now have a extremely visible permanent scar for the rest of my life.
    NO lip piercings, they scar your face.

    I always think about when I take the piercing out.. where will the scarring me and how bad will it be.

    I hope this helps!! Also some small ones.. inner conch or tragus.
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    I 2nd belly button. I got mine done when I was 20, I still have it and I'm almost 32.
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    Bellybutton or tragus. If you're going to get the industrial, request that they do them with hoops (2 individual holes). Once those heal, you can add a bar. The bar does make them harder to heal.

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