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Thread: OFFICIAL 'Show us your tattoos' Thread

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    SnowCrystal you're all tatted up girlfriend! I love your shoulder one!
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    Here's mine

    I want a few more. I just can't decide on where and how big!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HollySunshine View Post
    SnowCrystal you're all tatted up girlfriend! I love your shoulder one!
    Thanks! (I have several, but I still want more )
    I'm not Lynn, but we ARE MSOS Best Friends and MSOS Twins.
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    OK here are my tattoos.

    First up Tribal Cat eyes on my left side of my chest(February 2003)

    Next is left side of my upper back over shoulder blade area, it's a pentacle(I am wiccan) with the symbols of each element(summer 2008)

    Next is a heart with devil horns(I am a lover but I fight for my love is what it stands for) on my upper arm/shoulder area, right arm(got February 2003)

    Left arm, dragon with flower banner, shoulder/upper arm area(got February 2003)

    Now last two are both on my right ankle

    Celtic dolphin on the inside of right ankle(got in summer 2008)

    Butterfly outside of ankle(got in May 99 in memory of my grandma)
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    So here is my one and only... I had been wanting a tattoo since I was 18 but I could not pin-point exactly what I wanted or where I wanted it. I knew that I wanted and had to have it mean something and be VERY personal...

    So here is what everything means, It took me and my artist about 3 hours to come up with it and about 30 minutes to do

    * Its a rose because "Rose" is my middle name
    * Behind the rose is an S, S for Samantha...
    * Three leaves, the two that are together are for my sisters (1 each) and then the 1 alone is for me... the 3 girls!
    * There are exactly 20 dots because I got it when I was 20
    *There are 6 lines total (3 above the rose and 3 below it) for my parents since they are both children of 6
    * One the rose there are 6 outter peddals and 3 inner peddals... DH and my first date/day we physically met (since we met online) is June 3rd (06.03)
    *And just as an extra I got the tattoo on DH's birthday

    And something that wasn't planned but its also a reminder for me to always speak up for what I want and not let people talk me into things I really wanted to go a little smaller with it but my cousin talked me into keeping it this size. I dont "regret" it, but part of me wishes it was smaller...
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    Well I will definitely have to get pics of mine up! I have three nautical stars on my leg, and they've only just finished healing!
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    I paid for me and my mom to get our first tattoos together on her birthday 2 years back... here soon I'll be adding more to it, it'll go up half my side with prettier little stars and a quote (I'm not sure which quote yet, but I think I know which one.)

    be cool.
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    Right after I got it done.. I can't get a non red pic, since it's on my back.

    It says "They placed you into my arms, and you slipped into my heart." With the girls' names.

    it's my only one for now.. but I am getting another one soon hopefully.

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    This is actually in the mirror. Sorry that it's so big. It's my zodiac sign (Taurus) with the ring of Saturn around it. Saturn has always been my favorite planet, and relates to a cute saying that my boyfriend and I have... I love you all the way to Saturn and back. The blue represents water in the book "The Great Gatsby." Whenever Gatsby's life changed, there was always water present. The shading of the blue shows the darker and brighter times of my life.
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    This is the only one I have for now. It's pretty much where a care bear's would be if you know what I mean. I want to get two flowers for each of my parents though, just gotta find the money and time lol.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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