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  1. The one with the list

    by , 05-05-2008 at 12:42 PM
    Ok so I figure if I post my todo list here that one of you at least if not more might keep me accountable to get half of it done! I really really have slacked off since getting internet last week and feel like I wasted so much time and go nothing done...becuase... well i didn't.

    so the official todo list for the week of may 5th goes like this (yes I said week becuase lets get real ladies I'll never get it all done if I try and do it all in one day)

    run the dishwasher ...
  2. Testing 123...

    by , 05-04-2008 at 08:07 PM
    Hey hows this for fantabulous?! its like all the rooms built into one, we can vent, cry, be happy, complain and be allaround normal in here! woohoo!