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April Lynne

The First one!

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by , 09-03-2008 at 03:14 PM (1568 Views)

First of all you'll note that I start a lot of posts with Howdy, this is because it's a tradition at A&M and I've become accustomed to greeting people in that way! ha ha

Second of all I just wanted to put up a blog to maybe explain myself a little more! I'm 22, I'm about to graduate from college, I've been in my relationship for a month now, and I'm super excited/nervous to be dating an army guy. I've never been in a relationship with anyone in the military before so I don't know all the lingo and I'm not sure how to work through some of the things I know are bound to pop up. The one thing I do know is that I'm in love! (I realize that it sounds awful soon to be saying that but I've never in my life felt the way I do about him). He makes me smile no matter what he says and he lights up my face when he calls! Everyone around me sees the difference in me and that's amazing!

Anyways enough goooshy stuff, I'm an Equine Science major so I love horses and I'm also a very sociable and outgoing person. I don't however have any friends who are dating military guys so no one truly understands how hard it can be sometimes to not have him here. (Especially at the beginning of our relationship). I found this site by accident about a month ago and I've absolutely fallen in love with the people here!! I enjoy playing around on the message boards and I just became an MSOS Jewel so get excited!!

If anyone is reading this, add me as a friend I'd love to meet you! Send me a message sometime! I suppose I'll see you all around on the boards!



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