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Kathryn and Evans appt today

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by , 09-04-2008 at 02:45 PM (715 Views)
Lady Kathryn had a pretty good appt today. It was her 2 mo. check up. She weighs 11 lbs 2 oz and she's 21" short. So, her weight is average, 50th % and her length puts her in the 15th %. So, like Evs, she's short and fat...but pretty freaking cute if you ask me! She DOES have Reflux/GERD and we got a scrip for Zantac for her to take for 3 mos. The Dr. also gave me a scrip to give to WIC so we can have half of her formula stay the same Enfamil Gentlease for her little gassy tummy and the other half for the Enfamil AR Lipil to also help with the Reflux. When she was taking the AR before, she stopped throwing up immediately but she had TERRIBLE gas and she was constipated, we had to switch to the Gentlease, but of course, she throws that up A LOT! Hopefully WIC will go along with it!! I'm tired of changing sheets and clothes because she throws up all the time. And I'm super tired of getting her out of bed and her hair is soaked with puke. What even makes it worse, is that it's so soon after eating that her tummy hasn't even broken any of it down so there's at least 1/2 an oz that will just come right out. Hopefully she's gonna start feeling better and won't fuss so much. Brendan pointed out to me the other day that she cries all the time. Poor baby!!!! She also got her first set of shots and that went well. She's a pretty brave little squirt!:

Mr Evs. Well, he weighs 28 lbs and 4 oz and he's 34 1/2" short. Like I said, short and fat! He got his shots and the poor little man does not like that! He was so pitiful that I had to take him to Jack in the Box for lunch. He's "all better now". Thank God for Chicken and Fries!!!

So that's that!!! Not a whole lot exciting, but that was my morning... from 9am till 11:30...they take too long up there!!!

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