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past and present

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by , 07-26-2008 at 10:04 PM (1123 Views)
well i still didnt have custody of my daughter and b/c of that plus getting out of the navy and b/c of my new husband me and my family and him and his family were not really getting along. in fact i havent talked to my mom since the wedding. we went to court for custody nov 08 and it is still ongoing...anyway my mother showed up on my ex's side! what a bitch. anyway it was tough for me and my husband the first year with bills, family issues and my past was always there to haunt us. but we managed and r still managing thru it. nov 08 the day of court we also had a huge scare. i started having pains and had to go to the hospital right after court. come to find out i was rushed into emergency surgery with a ruptured ovarian eptopic pregnancy. i was bleeding to death. but of course i made it out ok. we still want a child and a house and just to be a happy family but everyday we are thankful that fate and god put us together and is helping us to survive. i really believe now that there is that one and u just know and everything will be ok in the end.

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  1. karamd13's Avatar
    wow, that's some story. i think sometimes the good ones show up when you're "down in the dumps". even though we haven't been together long, i still thank "the great unknown" for sending me just what i needed when i needed it. best of luck to you!