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a happy ending!

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by , 07-26-2008 at 09:59 PM (1137 Views)
well before leaving the club that night the mystery man gave me a rose and kissed my hand. the next day i had no idea who he was all i had was a rose....i felt like cindarella. he contacted me on email and for 2wks we never ran into each other just talked on email. finally my friends were so tired of hearing about him they made us meet up. the first thing i said to him was a question i never answered in email "yes i am single but i have a daughter shes 3". for about a month we talked on the phone and email and met up every once in awhile. one evening we were hanging out listening to some music and a song "one boy, one girl" came on we looked at each other and right then and there knew we were meant to be together. we came off deployment july 3, 2008 and moved in with each other. i got discharged from the navy voluntarily (for my family) aug 2008 and we got married aug 31 2008. up until then it had been a romeo and juliet kind of love but now it was for real i had my happy ending...almost...

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  1. hisqueen's Avatar
    AAAAWWWW that is so sweet..