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by , 07-26-2008 at 09:54 PM (929 Views)
well jan 24, 2008 the boat hit port in marmaris, turkey. party! there were awesome clubs there, we spent like all night in them. well the last night we had scheduled a tour to go somewhere all night but we liked the clubs so much we opted to go there instead. when we first got to one of the clubs my friend jake asked me to dance with him. i was completely sober and dont dance so i said no. we wound up leaving for a bit and coming back. by that time, i was a bit toasty so i saw jake and said ok lets dance. he was like well i wanted u to dance w/my friend and i was like i dont know him give me a good reason y and he said "he thinks your the most beautiful girl on the boat" so i went and grabbed his arm and dance. immediately when i looked into his eyes and i felt his touch i felt and saw someting. i went back to my friends and they were like who was that and i said i dunno. they were like uh oh....

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