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by , 07-26-2008 at 09:43 PM (798 Views)
so somehow i managed to graduate high school but i hadnt applied to any colleges and i was working at waffle house. whats worse is i had managed to total my car as well. well this navy recruiter kept coming into my work talking about how well i had done on the asvab and i could have any job i wanted. finally i agreed to check it out and the next thing i knew (thank god dont know how i managed to pass certain tests...if u know what i mean like i said i was in w/a horrible crowd) i was off to boot camp. it was sept 17, 2001 just 6 days after the twin towers...i was scared. well in boot camp i realized alot and at the end decided to change my life and i broke up w/my bf and went off to school. school was hard i was gonna be and electronic warfare technician w/a clearance but i managed to meet alot of ppl and have fun. my bf at the time got kicked out of the navy and so did 2 of my other friends but i managed to stay out of trouble and after a yr and a half i graduated my schools and was off to my first ship the uss mt whitney lcc 20. when i reported there they were on a 7 mo deployment and i reported about half way thru it. now i learned alot on this ship and started to advance and do my job well, however, i made the biggest mistake and the biggest blessing of my life in one moment. i started talking to this guy we will call him ed. now ed was charming and sweet and kinda cool. we came off deployment and spent alot of time in hotels. go figure....soon i found out i was pregnant. our relationship was on the verge of ending but we decided to stick w/it for the baby...bad move. well i went to ftsclant (now marmc) for my preggo orders and i had my daughter madison may march 14, 2004. she was the best thing that ever happened to me she was my world my sweetheart. and things started turning bad real bad w/me and ed. he was cheating on me and was drunk always. i did everything for my daughter. he also did non-illegal drugs (inhalents). he was not anywhere close to the person i thought he was. well sept 2004 i reported to the uss bataan lhd 5....

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  1. Tiffy's Avatar
    Wow. You have been through a lot in such a shot amount of time. You sound like an amazing mother and you're daughter is very blessed to have you. Have a great weekend, hun.