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As the summer comes to a close

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by , 08-28-2008 at 04:10 PM (634 Views)
I can't believe it is already going in to September. This summer has opened a whole new world and array of great friends. I made friends with a girl who contacted me after being treated the same way I was from the same person. I love how I am such a non-judgmental person and give everyone a chance until I have a reason not to. I like to form my own opinions about people and I only hope others do the same for me. I only believe half of what I see and hardly any of what I hear. I have friends who do not get along with each other and respectfully, there is no drama. We all have people we don't get along with or don't like for whatever reason but that doesn't mean someone else will feel differently. I bend over backwards for my friends time and time again with no regrets. I have been burned by some who have taken advantage of my generosity but yet I still continue to treat others the way I would want to be treated.

This summer has been a wonderful one with great memories. We have formed our own support group with our little circle of friends and we all know and trust that we come to each other with trust and respect. No matter what the situation is, we all do what we can to help one another even if that means just a shoulder to lean on. What goes on in the group, stays in the group. I am so happy and blessed to have found such a bond in women who share common interests and even differences. We have already learned a lot from one another and I treasure every time we talk. We all have different issues going on in our lives and try to help one another through what we can.

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