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  1. One of the worst days

    by , 06-08-2008 at 10:04 PM
    Today was pretty awful. Driving to work today my car made a weird noise and then my AC stopped working (it was around 100 today). So obviously, there was cause for alarm. The noise progessed to be louder and then followed by smell of burning rubber. Oh goody

    I call my dad and he came out and took my car to a shop and left me his 83 BMW, and I think 'great, my car is failing me and I'm going to half to shell out $400 to fix it...great'

    I get off work and begin to drive ...
  2. we go!

    by , 06-07-2008 at 10:29 PM
    This is my first blog as well as my first time on this site, as well as my first relationship with a military man.

    Having a hard time with him so far away.3,145.67 miles to be exact. I won't see him for six months and it seems impossible to miss him this much, but I do.

    It's scary how depressed you can get when you can't get a hug or a kiss or even a hand on your shoulder by the one you love for so long.

    I wish he was here. Or I was there. All I'd want ...