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Who am i?

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by , 05-07-2008 at 11:20 AM (5097 Views)
who am i?

I am the woman in walmart looking through the can veggies and smiling as you walk by trying to keep control of your children.

I am the girl you see running in the gym with hard rock playing on my iPod

I am the lady you see at the restraunt sitting with her family but with one empty seat.

I am a military Girl

You sit there and mock our president and Mock the war saying it is a waste of time that we are just using the tax payers dollars so that we can try to help some one who doesnt want to be helped. You say that the marines airforce coast guard army navy and national guard should not be over there but what do you know?

Do you know that every individual military person has some one back home listening to you bitch about how bad you have your life?

That their lovers and family members have to see children who are scrawny and weak while your child suffers from obesity.

Well being a military girl, born raised and in love, if you do not like this government, and you do not like our troops, and you do not like the fact that english is our language and that yes IN GOD WE DO TRUST then go to another country, as the saying goes if you dont stand behind our troops then feel free to stand infront of them!

Semper Fi and OORAH

To all the military girls out there for supporting our men and women of the military

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  1. ncs051005's Avatar
    I love it!
  2. Forever's Avatar
  3. wrecklessabandon's Avatar
    Thank You, that was probably the best feeling to read that and know someone else feels as strongly as I do. Spread the word!
  4. carmenxoxo's Avatar
    couldnt agree more!
  5. Marinewifey87's Avatar
    AMAZING! love this
  6. PinupPrincess's Avatar
    love it !
  7. soulphonicfire's Avatar
    That is so true
  8. carissamacx3's Avatar
    This is aweome!
  9. kaylankenneth12's Avatar
    So true, i so love this Thanks for sharing
  10. Sonia's Avatar
    Love love love love love it!
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