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Christmas Letter To Santa

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by , 12-15-2009 at 09:18 PM (1406 Views)
Dear Santa,

Some girls may want lots of cash, or luxurious new cars

Others may want the world, or even more the stars

Some may ask for twilight crap, or for the jonas brothers to kidnapp them away

but my list is different, its simple and easy to say

I dont want a french white poodle with pearl pink painted nails

I dont want a pirate ship, with Captain Jack Sparrow, and flowing dark black sails

I dont want Edward Cullen, I have enough glitter here at home

I wont ask for peace on Earth, it wont happen after what Obama's done

My list is short and sweet this year I want something simple a gift, just one

All i want for Christmas this year... is for my marine to be home...


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  1. cass8907's Avatar
    Thats awesome! I wish I was that creative. Good luck
  2. Katie 09.10.06's Avatar
    i second this letter!
  3. elizabeth1401's Avatar
    aw this brought tears to my eyes ....
  4. SOMETIMESsweet's Avatar
    thats adorable!