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The one with the list

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by , 05-05-2008 at 12:42 PM (736 Views)
Ok so I figure if I post my todo list here that one of you at least if not more might keep me accountable to get half of it done! I really really have slacked off since getting internet last week and feel like I wasted so much time and go nothing done...becuase... well i didn't.

so the official todo list for the week of may 5th goes like this (yes I said week becuase lets get real ladies I'll never get it all done if I try and do it all in one day)

run the dishwasher
handwash the dishes that won't fit
clean the counters and cook top
mop the kitchen floor
Vacume the family room
seperate the dirty clothes and do wash them
fold the clothes (thats an extra task all it's own)
Unpack the rest of the boxes
list the bed frame on craigslist
start hooked on kindergarten with Tyler
return the thing to Ross
look for the reciept and return top to target
Clean out the van
get the van washed
ask the kid next door to mow(take out money to pay him)
eat breakfast 3 times this week

phew!! I know theres got to be more but Thats all I can handle right now lol. you can add to that try and pt 3 times this week (thank you jillian michaels on demand!) and get out of lounge wear, becuase lets face it girls, just becuase your at home doesn't mean you have to be frumpy right?

Ok Im not turning off the computer, that would be like a junkie going cold turkey, but I am going to walk away from this desk, strap on the ipod listen to some high school musical 2 dance party and get crackin'.

Anyone wanna join me?

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