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week 12

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by , 05-10-2008 at 10:23 PM (1464 Views)
week 12 a day early. I'm in the slighest mood to type. So things have settled down I guess. I'm trying to lose weight now. I've joined weight watchers and sticking to the points is really easy. I've been trying to just stay busy. During the day I usually get to e-mail Austen. And when I get off school I sometimes get to talk to him. I've been working a few more hours at work. I need the extra money for our trip to Austin, Texas! I can't wait till August when he is home. I'm taking about two weeks off of work just to go and be with him his first two weeks home. Speaking of work I'm enjoying it a lot more now. I'm in the toddler room a lot more. Sometimes I'm not though but thats just because of numbers. Work isn't too bad. I still can't wait till I get to do my own home care. Compared to what I'm use to with kids this seems like it will be so much easier. I just have to majorly keep up with the AF standards for licencing!
I went out last night. That was fun. I always have fun with Ashley! Today I bought my prom dress. Ashley is my date, lol. I love my dress it's yellow and white. I got white shoes to match. still looking for nice white flats for my wedding dress. I can't wait till November. In october I'm going to WI for a weekend. That will be nice to see my family before I get married! I can't wait for austen to be home. I just want him home and safe. Some days are better then others. Lately more good days then bad =)

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  1. kvela's Avatar
    Congrats on the up coming wedding. I hope its everything you dreamed!