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by , 07-28-2008 at 01:05 PM (829 Views)

i met with the in laws finally, it went good and bad. we went to a resturant called demitro's which is like an italian place. brackston and i are a weird couple, we fight all the time about stupid stuff and bicker but hey who doesnt and we playfully fight as well. and we both have a problem with profanity. so i put aside our usual act and cussing for meeting his family. my husband did as well.. dinner went well. so i thought.

someone calls brackstons mom, telling her that i hit brackston and that i cuss all the time.

she tells me and him and i am like what the :censored brackston looked at his mom and told her i do not hit him and i didnt cuss at all during dinner.

this is what caused me to just be quiet at my baby shower. i wasnt comfterable around these people, and the only time ihad fun was when me and brackston would walk off to go to the beach.. and get in the water.

iwas kinda :sadeyes about his family not liking me, but hey.
his grandma, mom, dad, his gf, and the important people like me. thats all that matters to me. i dont care about aunts or cousins.

im just so glad to be back home. and i never thought i would miss kansas. our cat got HUUUGGEE!

but thats about it =]

our final descison

Boy= Brackston Aidan Combs
Girl= Madison René Combs

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  1. Honeybee's Avatar
    yayyy!! so happy you're doing well!!!!!!!! (and you're welcome for keeping on your tail to find out how you're doing!!) im sorry your baby shower wasn't that fun, but at least brackston was being good and made you happy!! im so happy you and baby are doing well!!!!!!!! have you and brackst fought about names yet?