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by , 07-22-2008 at 12:38 AM (808 Views)
i have been in tears for about a week now since i realized how badly we screwed up financially and realizing that we have no way out.

i feel ashamed and stupid for not realizing that we made such huge mistakes. i should have never allowed my dh to use the card. i still am kicking myself for not realizing early enough that he had spent so much more money.

i have cried so much that i no longer have tears. i have no one i can ask for help it just seems like i help so many and then when i need it no one is around to help.

i wish i had someone i could lean on when i needed it. i know that is an awful thing to say but everyone has always relied on me. my mother relied on me to raise and now deal with my brother and his illnesses, my father just expects me to do it because i am his sister as well.

my dh doesn't have parents anymore and i have at one point or another taken care of his siblings over the last 6 yrs. we have helped friends and family and in all of this no one has ever asked if we needed help. now that we do all doors have pretty much been slammed in our face.

i hate this crap i thought these days were over, guess i was wrong.

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