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feeling the need

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by , 08-07-2009 at 02:07 AM (660 Views)
do you ever feel the need to just talk? I do not mean like something is wrong and you need to talk, more like you feel like you have not spoken much and you need to just talk.

today is one of those days. overall i am happy. things are going pretty well at home, my father is doing better, i got awesome grades for my summer classes, my house is clean etc....

i am tired sure but i think that will subside as it usually does once i rest from being in school all the time. lol at least for the next three weeks then it is right back in the saddle with an awful schedule.

i am nervous about graduation and everything that surrounds it. it is nerve wracking to know that in a month i am going to be 40 and then 8 months later i will graduate and i really have no clue what to do then.

i mean i can go on to do my masters or i could go on to get my ed degree or i could simply make art and sell it or i could open a studio. the possibilities are pretty endless but extremely scary at the same time.

well i still feel like talking but lol i ran out of things to say

i hope everyone has a wonderful day that reads this. hugs to all.

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