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going a little crazy maybe

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by , 03-29-2009 at 12:29 AM (737 Views)
I just need to let my heart pour out here.
I feel like I am drowning. my heart aches. things are so bad right now. financially we are making headway but emotionally my marriage is on the rocks. I just feel so withdrawn and unloved. it has been nearly a year since he informed me of his affair and still i wonder and waiver over everything that happened and how we are going to recoop from it.

I just feel at a loss, not only because of the affair although that is on my mind a lot lately. I also feel that way because of his illness and sometimes worry if i do not have some sort of ptsd because of everything with him and his health and the marriage problems and the financial problems and the abuse i suffered as a child. i wonder if i really do have something like it or simular going on with me.

i hate feeling this way and i get aggrivated at him even when i know i should not be.

anyway i have more but i feel like i am rambling and that i need to clear my head.


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