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He doesn't get it!!!

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by , 06-26-2008 at 01:12 AM (590 Views)
i don't know HOW many times I need to tell him how long a wedding takes to plan! I know there are ways of doing it quickly, but I want to "do it right," whatever that means. Anyway, every time I say something like "make a list of you favorite foods so I can begin making a menu." he freaks! HE'S the one who wanted this damn wedding. And it's NINE MONTHS away!! I'm asking small things of him because I know he won't want to think about it while he's training. I just get so pissed off.

I want things to be nice, I want him to have some say and for some reason he thinks it takes all of two months. Yeah right douche bag.

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  1. Neika17's Avatar
    let it out hun!
  2. his love's Avatar
    It's ok. I had 5 months to plan a wedding. It is possible. About menus, the caterer will have a menu and you choose. It'll be all right.
  3. Kitten35's Avatar
    Awe, that's hard. Just make all the executive decisions yourself. Much easier. I did mine in three months and it was beautiful. Very possible, just stay calm and do it yourself.