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Colors are complicated

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by , 05-31-2008 at 03:24 AM (553 Views)
I have 9 months to go, but recently I had a change of heart in the color choices(green and yellow). Mostly because they would wash out in our setting.

So in trying to decide a new color I brought my fiance over. He also said the green and yellow was a bad idea. We are having SUCH a hard time deciding on a new one!! He said no pink.

ok. Maybe a light blue or a purple?
He says "NO! Thats WAY too girly." (hello, I'm a girl, it's a union party, not a 'no-girls allowed' party!)
He only wants rich colors, and mostly green (it's a wooded setting, it will be green anyway!)

And So I suggested him pick one color and I pick the other and we use either cream or black to connect them. Well we did that and he hates the color I picked and is saying no no no. I hate the color he picked but am willing to accept it. I feel like his lack of compromise is so hugely turning me off that I question whether our marriage will work! I mean, ok, it's just colors....but he's being so stubborn! I want some say too, and he just isn't having it unless my say is also his say! What happens when it's an actual life changing decision?

Then I suggested we do a theme. He loves wine. Why not wine?
Well, we can't do that cos it has purple! We looked at the pictures and apparently it wont work. WTF! I really liked the pix, but he's being (I'm just gonna say it) a butt-head!!!!

I'm starting to wonder....does he even WANT a wedding?

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