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I hate my effing brother.

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by , 05-28-2008 at 02:09 AM (755 Views)
I have posted a lot about how much he sucks. He's 34, has a kid and is living with my mom and I until he can get out.
It is so tense in this household!
Tonight he yelled at me for not interfering in fights between him and my mom. I've done that BEFORE and it makes things WORSE. He says he does not remember.
My mom is constantly upset and she says at least once a day she wants to kill herself. She has been this way before, it is very upsetting. She is very unstable and I'm pretty sure bipolar or something. The littlest thing he does (uses the microwave after 10 for eg) sends her off the deep end! She is crazy, but contrary to what HE believes she is NOT in control of herself!!
Tonight he just screamed and screamed at me. "I took care of you when she was like this when you were a baby!" I'm just like "thanks..."
WHAT do I say? HE'S the one who is back. I don't have to do a damn thing, and when I do- it backfires. I try to protect the son from fights when I can, but I cant tie him to the table leg in my room, he walks away when I'm trying to play with him and shit.

I tell my mom to call the police every night to have him removed. He scares her and for some reason she wont. She also feels guilty about the son and wants to help. I don't care. He has a job, he can live in a hotel.
He LIES and forgets, calls me and my fiance names, and I even tried to get him set up in a house with the electricity bill. He said he would pay, but didn't and now MY credit looks bad, and he still is an asshole to me.

I just....I'm frustrated. I've lived with drama my whole life. it was starting to settle down, and I was getting to be able to handle it all. I hate him, I do. I love his kids, and I love him cos he's my brother, but I hate him at the same time.

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  1. OneBoyOneGirl's Avatar
    maybe after the kid is in bed u should sit down and calmly talk to them both and just explain yourself without accusing and without getting angry if it gets outta hand, leave.