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Wedding Dress!

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by , 05-19-2008 at 11:27 PM (698 Views)
Tomorrow I am going to try to narrow my 6 favorite dresses down to 2-3 maybe even 1!! I'm excited. I can't find 3 of the dresses online, but I will post the other 3!

I will change the sleeves to either flutter or the wide-to-thin thing.

This will be ivory underneath so the lace will look better!

I'll really try to take pix of ME in the dresses, but it's "not allowed" soo I think I'll try to sneak it in.

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  1. SnarphBlat's Avatar
    I love, love love LOVE that first one!
    So gorgeous!
  2. OneBoyOneGirl's Avatar
    i really like the second one, i guess im not a big fan on the sleevless thing. Do you have tatoos thats something to think about i have 2 and they look really tacy in wedding photos in my opinion. also are you wearing white or ivory. if u actually want to answer me just private msg me.
  3. SnarphBlat's Avatar
    I LOVE The first one. :)
  4. gottli10's Avatar
    wow!! Beautiful gowns!!