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so exhausted.

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by , 05-29-2008 at 08:24 AM (1404 Views)
i've been running myself into the ground, and i really don't do much. i still have to clean and get everything ready for Alexis, but i'm just so lazy and don't feel like doing anything except lay around. i need some help.

i wake up, and i'm already so tired. i don't know how i can get up any energy to clean my room and everything. i have so much baby clothes and no place to put any of them. it's gotten so bad, i have to put some of her clothes into my dresser, making it so i have no place to put some of my clothes. this is ridiculous. my room isn't that big to begin with, and now i just have to keep adding stuff to it. i've already gone threw basically all my clothes and gotten rid of what i don't want/wear, and there's still a ton left over. i don't want to get rid of all my pre-pregnancy clothes and then not have any clothes once i lose the weight. i just don't know what to do with all this stuff. it's not like my room is dirty, it just has clothes everywhere. i've gotten all the trash up and out of there [basically] but it just still looks so messy.

i need some serious cleaning help. ideas?

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