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Last time I posted was a month ago.

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by , 05-13-2009 at 10:11 AM (1130 Views)

I'm going to start using this more, since I tend to need to rant and vent and just type stuff out.. but anyways.

This week has been BEAUTIFUL. It's been sunny and warm all week, so far. I just wish I could get out of the house.. I need to clean though, badly. I just have no energy.

Alexis is napping, so now would be the best time, but I just don't want to. I have no motivation. I just want to go shopping.. but not be pregnant, lol.

I can;t wait til after Jordyn's born and I lose most of the weight.. I want to go shopping with the rest of my tax money and get all new clothes. I went to old navy yesterday with one of my friends, and bought flip flops, and it felt so nice to buy myself something, but I won't buy myself clothes right now. I'm worried that if I spend the money now, it won't fit me later, and it will just be a waste.. but I want to go shopping for clothes so bad.

See, told you I'm avoiding cleaning. I did start the dishes already.. they are soaking right now. I have to wash our sheets and laundry, maybe I'll put those in now.. laundry does itself basically, until you have to fold it.

Our room is sorta clean, but still has a few more things to do. Actually, most of it is laundry in the corner that needs to be put in the wash. Then the clothes in the hamper need to be folded. And that's basically it.

I might just keep posting in here. I'm bored, and I'm going to go put our sheets and blankets in the washer right now!

*be right back!*

Okay.. so now the sheets/blanket/pillowcases are in the washer. I still have our down comforter to wash and the felt one, but they don't fit in with the sheets and stuff. All the dirty clothes are OFF the floor and into the hamper. All the small trash bags (I use little grocery bags as trash bags in our room, and there was like 5 of them around) are at the trash barrel now, along with a broken plastic basket.

I have to finish picking up the other stuff on the ground, which isn't much at all, then vacuum the rug. I have to wait for Alexis to wake up to vacuum though, she'll wake right up if she hears it. I also have to vacuum her room, and wash her play rug. So I might as well wait and just do it all at once.

I have a hamper of stuff that I have to go threw, that's been sitting in here for like a month, and I have no idea what's in it.. I just know it's taking up space and it's probably ALL junk in there. I know there is some of Jon's shirts in there that I folded a month ago, and never got put away, so they just got moved to there. I can see a bag of cereal (that I can't even have, so I might just toss it) and papers in there.

Ok, this is turning out really long. So I'm going to post it, and I'll most likely just end up posting another post when I feel the need today. I think if I type about cleaning, and how much I've done, then I'll get it all done today before Jon gets home around 7. I kinda want to surprise him.

Ok, off to clean a little bit more!

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