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Honor Courage Commitment

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by , 11-05-2008 at 03:46 AM (1340 Views)
[B][CENTER][FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][SIZE="3"]I came across this. Loved it. (L)

honor thy husband in time of hardship, in time of weakness and in time of deployment. honor thy vows given before god through the hardships brought before us. do not lose will for today you are his strength and tomorrow he will be yours. honor thy sister wives through time of loneliness, need, hardship, loss, understanding, and crisis. hold accountability for your actions; fulfill obligations in marriage and sisterhood to the end!

hold a courage so strong within your heart your husband can feel strength through you when needed. courage is for wives to accept challenges not normally faced and drive through with great heart. courage carries us through times apart, times of weakness, times of stress and times of pressure. courage is asking another sister for help. our courage in an inner strength that our husbands hold and for us our courage is standing for them in our lives when they cannot. courage is doing what is right, honoring commitments, and most importantly through the hardest of times standing beside our husbands through it all.

commitment is dedication to our husbands and their dedication to us 24 hours a day. it is the state of being bound emotionally and whole-heartedly for the rest of our lives, regardless of the situation. it is done with only the sincerest of purposes and should never be shown otherwise. it gives or husbands the assurance, promise and pledge held deep within our hearts. it is the attentiveness, duty, and dedication to our husbands as well as sisters of the marine corps. this is the value that establishes the strength of the marine wife's ability to honor thy marriage and extend your care and care for others at anytime needed! your love for you husband is the greatest commitment of all![/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER][/B]

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