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Miss him already

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by , 09-15-2012 at 06:21 PM (1581 Views)
I honestly just miss my boyfriend.. He left for Basic Training for the Army a week ago. I've done nothing but think about him non stop since he left. He had his phone for the first two days and called me at night. He could've got into trouble, but he took the risk. They took his phone though two nights ago and now it's like I don't know what to do with myself, anytime my phone rings or I get a text I almost start crying because I just wish it was him. We've been together 7months and we've talked every single day, all day. Now we can't talk at all. I'm waiting on a letter from him, he said he sent it the other day, but who knows who's gonna hold onto it for how many days before it really gets sent out. I already have a three page message here for him, I can't wait to be able to write him and receive letters from him. I know I'll have to be patient cause not only is he not going to have all the time in the world to write me but I'm sure our letters will be held onto for days before they are actually given to him or sent out. I'm just counting down the days til I get to see him again, can't wait to watch him graduate in November. <3

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  1. nathanandbritt's Avatar
    Hi , I understand how you feel. Nathan is in the Navy and he deployed . you will have your moments when you will need him . I have had my moments when I need Nathan and I ball my eyes out . Write letters and when you write letters you just have to be patients with his letters . His letters will take a while , i knw for a fact that they will take a while . I am more and happy to talk to you if you need to talk .
  2. newbiearmygirl1's Avatar
    I can also understand what you are going through, I was experiencing that miss my boyfriend phase but then he called me and somehow he got me happy and relieved again. So now I just look at the moment I am in and I snap right back into the world and I am 100% better! *Giggles to self*
  3. Penguin's Avatar
    And welcome
    You've come to the right place. No body knows how hard it is to miss someone quite like a MSO. I know exactly how you feel. It's so tough and I'm sure even more tough considering your relationship is still relatively new. I wish I could say it gets easier, but I actually think it get's harder!! (At least it feels harder and harder for me with each week. My boyfriend and I are going on 5 months.)
    I used to bawl my eyes out driving home from work everyday just because I miss him (thankfully I don't have a breakdown everyday anymore!!) The best advice I have gotten on here so far is to surround yourself with other things/hobbies to keep you busy. Wallowing makes it worse. It really is tough. I'm tearing up now thinking about my guy!! It's even worse if you have friends who have boyfriends that they get to see everyday whenever they want! It takes a strong woman to date a military man. You might also find comfort in the fact that you get to care about someone this much and this deeply that you feel this way. It's a beautiful and rare thing to love someone so much that separation is practically unbearable. Believe it or not but you are a lucky gal in that sense.
    My advice to you is the advice that helped me on here when I start to feel depressed and missing him--distract yourself. Find things to keep yourself busy, definitely keep writing letters...I like to send stupid little surprises in the mail too (last week he got an action figure) You're most likely not going to miss him any less or want to see him any less, but it will make seeing him again that much more amazing. You'll have days that are tougher than others and days that are easier.
    Hang in there--And I'm here to chat or just listen whenever you want!!
  4. LauraBeth12's Avatar
    It'll get better! My bf was in Air Force BMT back in the spring, and I can tell you it gets better. The first week is hard, the next three are better, the fourth is the worst, and after that it gets better again because you realize you're halfway done. I missed a call from him once because I was in the middle of a shift waiting tables and I cried so hard! After that, I changed my ringtone to an air raid siren so I would never miss another call from him! I still haven't changed it back. Once he graduates Basic, it will get a little easier because you will have a little more contact with him- you can even Skype!