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by , 08-02-2012 at 03:37 PM (1423 Views)
So on Tuesday night I had to sit with my brother at the mental health facility. They evaluated him and let him go. Yesterday morning he was found sleeping on the bathroom floor with pills. After a cold shower he did not wake up. He woke up at abput 5:50 lastnight but had no idea what was going on... or how to talk for that matter. At 10:32 he was picked up by an ambulance because he would not wake up. I had takin sleeping pills to try to get some sleep and had no idea. He is 17 years old. I woke up to a voicemail from the hospital. When I called back I was told that when they arrived he was not breathing and did not have a heart beat. from the time they arrived to the time they got him stable enough to move the ambulance to the er was 27 minutes. He woke up at 7:27 today and still had no idea what was going on nor did he care. They were very worried because he didnt know who he was even. He had a vent and a heart machine hooked up. He was takin of the heart machine by 8:00 am but he remained on the vent. He was breathing for himself but they didnt want to take it off and have his heart stop again. They had to cut a whole in his head to drain the blood and swelling and he got to start pumping his own blood today at 12:54. :) He woke up at 1:17 and asked to call me. He is still on the vent but the doctor called at work and told me that he had been awake for about 20 minutes before he fell asleep "If I didnt know it I would not believe he is the same boy I saw this morning. We had every doctor and half of the nurses on ICU in that room and he was making us all laugh." She said. They think he will be off the vent by today and he knows who he is and where and has agreed to do some therapy to feel better. I was so worried. Thank God. His 19 year old girlfriend is the one who called. She stayed with him all night. She is diabetic and the doctors were going to admit her if she couldnt eat. I got to talk to her at about 1:30 and reassured her. Big thanks to her. My brother would be infact dead if it wasnt for her. Whew!!!! She ate after I talked to her and she understood a little more what was going on and she so far has kept it down. THANK GOD!!! WOW I FEEL INCREDIBLY LUCKY FOR THE PEOPLE I LOVE TODAY. You should to :)

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