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Day 5: Today was a better day!

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by , 04-01-2012 at 11:04 PM (1203 Views)
Today was seemingly a good day. Last night I went to bed with such anxiety and sadness because I just had one of those days where I missed Mike so much (I think I smelled his towels and clothes for over an hour lol).

I got up today and forced myself to get some things done, get ready for work tomorrow, cook and the day went by pretty fast. I was also fortunate enough to actually speak to Mike for about 20 minutes. I made sure to try and keep things as positive as possible because I wanted Mike to feel confident that I am going to be his rock while he is gone. We talked about everything from him giving me tasks (taking down the wall paper in his man cave--ugh lol, finding some new appliances, etc). That made me feel good because for a second I felt like I was just texting him like we normally do and not a conversation where he is thousands of miles away and we have to try to fit so much into a minimal amount of minutes a day.

Tomorrow, I start a new job so that is going to preoccupy my mind some and hopefully make the day go by really fast!

I read this article tonight that was a story about a woman whose husband was deployed and to make time go by fast, she gave herself a new hobby every week! Whether is was finishing a book on time, losing 10 lbs, etc. I think I am going to try that! I will try anything to make the time go by faster lol.

Until next time.....

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  1. RozaMelissa's Avatar
    the towel smelling...i do it too i even spray his clonge on the pillows i sleep with before i go to of luck with ur job!
  2. militarygf284's Avatar
    Ha, as long as I am not the only one who does it. I was debating on whether or not I would get a few raised eyebrows, but I feel so much better knowing it's not just me :-)
  3. HeismineImhis's Avatar
    Haha I am the worse about not having Trevor around. I have to do laundry before he gets home because I have worn every single one of his shirts to bed.. I am inlove with his cologne while he is gone. I am more inlove with it when he is wearing it but whatever passes time. I do the same thing.. make goals for myself. I also write in a journal... the good and bad while he is gone. and the day before he leaves again I give him the journal. He appreciates it and it gives him something to do on the down time. I get to see him next month for a weekend. :) I am SO EXCITED. It makes me feel better reading these blogs.. Strange huh???