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Adjusting to Life in Italia!

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by , 08-05-2013 at 06:47 PM (70161 Views)
Hello All! Or shall I say...CIAO! So this is the first chance I have had to blog since arriving in Italy last Wednesday. First let me say, this is such a gorgeous country! We haven't really had a chance to venture out an enjoy things in Aviano, but from what we have experienced (like the FOOD!!), it is amazing!

It has been quite an adjustment getting used to moving to another country. One of the biggest things for me would have to be the time difference. In Italy, we are 6 hours ahead of time. So we tend to find ourselves up all night and sleeping during the day (for example: I am wide awake and writing this post at 1:37am lol). I hope that I adjust better soon because it is definitely taking a toll lol.

The houses in the nearby cities to Aviano are quite nice. Most of them have an old and rustic feel, but some of them have been updated to be more "Americanized". I love the security of all of the houses! Almost every house is gated and very secure. For a paranoid person such as myself thats great! Ha!

I am struggling with different emotions everyday though. To be quite honest, this is the first time I have ever lived more than 30 minutes away from my entire family and friends. It's so hard being so far away after a lifetime of being right down the road. I had an absolute breakdown today because it was my dad's birthday and I missed being able to celebrate with him AND I broke my iphone and had to jump through hopes to get a new one sent to me (FYI--Don't break your american iphone here because it may cost $400 and up just to have your italian provider send it out to get fixed). Luckily, because our phones are just on a military suspension with Verizon, they are sending a new phone (under warranty and free) to my parents who will then mail it out to me. It was just one of those days where I just sat down and cried...

I am sure I will have quite a few more of those days ahead but luckily my husband is pretty supportive and understanding.

I am hoping with time that things so get easier---fingers crossed! Stay tuned for more updates and TONS of photos :-)

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